Friday 24 November 2006

Accepted DVD

Steve Pink
ISBN 141706644X

The South Harmon Institute of Technology (SHIT) will become a campus you will wish to visit and revisit again and again and the following are the reasons why.

Occasionally when you go to review something you are taken completely by surprise. Accepted is one such movie. Both the movie and the features on the DVD will be completely unexpected. I was expecting a frat party film along the line of Animal House or The Revenge of the Nerds series, and ended up with something closer to With Honors. The movie actually deals with some great questions - questions about personal integrity, traditions, growth and values.

This DVD is packed full of special features with something for everyone, such as commentaries, deleted scenes, gag reel, music videos and more. The best part of the fun is the self-guided tour of the campus. The virtual tour of SHIT takes you through the main sets, with mini commentaries on parts of the film that took place on these sets.

Justin Long and Lewis Black lead an all-star comedic cast in a romp through University life, as if the students ran the show. The gag reel will have you on the floor laughing as the cast takes the jokes on and off screen to extremes.

The feature commentary with director Steve Pink, and stars Justin Long, Lewis Black, Jonah Hill and Adam Herschman is a barrel of laughs; they seemed to have as much fun commenting about the film as they did on screen during the actual movie. They spent time mocking commentaries on DVDs, critiquing scenes and joking with each other. Early on they say if you make it through the commentary you will need psychiatric help, and though that may be true for their characters and the actors themselves, the commentary is hilarious.

These and the other no-holds-barred bonus features push this DVD from being a renter to a purchase. This is a film you will watch over and over again. It will be great for impromptu movie nights and to put on when you want a laugh after a hard day in class, or after working on that paper that would just not be written. This film will help remind you why you are really in university and what is the real purpose and goal in life.

Pick up the DVD - it will bring you hours and hours of entertainment!

(First Published in Imprint 2006-11-24 as "Accepted Defintely passes!')

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