Tuesday 11 April 2006

The Way of the Cross Part II

This is a continuation or an earlier article that received a lot of positive feedback. The Way of the Cross is an old tradition within the church but the number of variations of this form of meditation and prayer.

Way of the Cross
Pope John Paul II
Pauline Books & Media
ISBN 0819839701

These are the meditations led by Pope John Paul II at the Colesseum from Good Friday 2000. The late pope had a great devotion to the stations and to the rosary. Both are evident in these heartfelt meditations and prayers. The images for each station are from classical art, such artists as: Andrea Solario, James Stanfielding, Giotto Di Bondone, Ridolfo Ghirlandaio, Giovanni Battiste Tiepolo, Fra Angelico, Tiziano, El Greco, Giovan Fracesco Da Maineri, Simone Martini, Hans Memling, Cornelis Van Haarlem Cornelisz, Rembrandt Van Rijn and Carl Bloch. This is a treasure from Pope John Paul II. This edition also contains Pope John Paul II's easter message from April 23rd 2000.

Sign of Contradiction: Way of the Cross
Pope John Paul II
Pauline Books & Media
ISBN 0819883050

This collection of prayers and meditations were led by his holiness John Paul II at the Colosseum in 2003, but was originally given in 1976 to Pope Paul VI and the Roman Curia. It was revived for John Paul II’s fiftieth anniversary as pope. The images accompanying the meditations are from Marble surrounded mosaic’s from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Imogene, Iowa.

The Way of the Cross in Times of Illness
Elizabeth Thecla Mauro
Liturgical Press
ISBN 0814629695

Elizabeth is a Benedictine oblate and a licensed massage therapist, these meditations are written by one who has a great sensitivity to illness, disease and suffering. It is written for those who are undergoing treatment for physical or emotional assessment and treatment. Yet anyone who has suffered or journeyed with those who have suffer with physical or emotional illness can benefit from this version of the Stations of the Cross.

Way of the Cross with Oscar Romero

Available online at the link above. March 2005 was the 25th Anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero. This edition of the Stations of the Cross is taken from the writings and sermons of this famous Archbishop.

Way of the Cross for Social Justice

Available online at the link above. Focusing on poverty and debt it examines the stations as a way of looking at the global community.

No matter how many different versions of this I find I learn from each of them. Each one can draw you closer to God and through that to other people. Here is the earlier article of more editions for you to check out The Way of the Cross.

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