Friday 14 April 2006

God and I Broke Up by: Katarina Mazetti

God and I Broke Up
Katarina Mazetti
Groundwood Books
ISBN: 0888996179

This book translated from the original Swedish will bring you to tears. It’s the story of Linna an outsider in her school she is a tall, awkward, miserable, loner who’s parents are divorced and just happens to be 16 years old. Then she meets Pia who is just as tall but does not lack self-confidence. Linnea and Pia become best friends. The spend hours and hours together talking about everything, God, boys, parents, politics just about everything.

The story recounts the 120 days that the two know each other. For now Pia is dead, and it is a suicide. Linnea’s world has collapse and it is worse then before she had a close friend, for now she has tasted friendship and lost it and her loneliness and isolation is worse then before.

Most of the story takes place in Linnea’s grandmother’s closet. She is suffering and her Grandmother tells her to talk to God to recount the story of her friendship. So she is in the closet telling herself the story of the 120 days that she knew Pia.

Readers will relate to Linnea's introspective ramblings, and be drawn to a story that is very emotionally engaging. This is a great resource for teens who have lost someone, and will help in the grieving process. It will help them learn how to cope with loss.

This is one of this little known treasures.

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