Monday 20 February 2006

Running Scared the Call of Pilgrimage by: Tom Maddix

Running Scared: the Call of Pilgrimage
Tom Maddix
October 2005
174 pages

The back of this book markets it as: “Part guidebook, part personal journal, part prayer book, Running Scared takes readers to key pilgrimage destinations in Europe, North America, and Asia.” From that, I was expecting much more from the book then received. The book should be biographical. There are few descriptions of the places and sometimes not even any details.

Yet the book does have an immense power. In walking with Tom through his journey, we can see our own journey in a new and clearer light. Maddix examines many aspects of pilgrimage: The Call to Pilgrimage, The Ins and Outs of Pilgrimage, Chance Encounters, Heights and Depths, How the Spirit can Nudge, and Listening and Life Lessons on the Path.

Maddix in some ways is a professional pilgrim - as one who has traveled the world over many times and visited pilgrimage sites, religious communities and shrines around the world, he is in some ways an expert on the topic.

Even though the book was not what was expected it was an excellent read and opened my eyes to many places of pilgrimage hereto unknown.

(First Published in 'The Impint' as "Running Scared runs astray" 2006-02-24)

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