Wednesday 8 February 2006


It surprises me more and more how catholic I am to my core. A few months back at a conference I picked up a gift card of an Icon of Blessed Damien the Leper, after watching the film Molokai I wanted the image to remind me of his service and his life. Yet since then I have been bombarded with icon’s and books about icon’s. I have been trying to read through the works of our new Academic Dean at St. Jerome’s University and have been trying to track down his one book, How to Pray with Icons by Myroslaw Tataryn.

Then a few weeks after that I am at a friends and he has started painting images that remind me of icons. At 16 he is doing some amazing work, I cannot wait to watch his art develop over the next few years.

Later while searching for Tataryn’s book I come across one called A Brush with God: An Icon Workbook by Peter Pearson a book about painting icons, so of course I mentioned it to my friend Brahm. But while still searching for Dr. T’s book I found one more, by the artist that painted my Icon of Damien, his book is called Christ in the Margins by Robert Lentz, Edwina Gateley: Lentz painted the 25 Icons and wrote biographies of the different people and Gateley wrote meditations on each group of biographies. To check out some more of Lentz’s images visit where there are many of his images.

I also have just found this one Behold the Beauty of the Lord: Praying With Icons by Henri Nouwen, I will have to track it down and check it out.

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