Friday 26 May 2023

Child of the Deep - Mary Jessica Woods

Child of the Deep

I absolutely loved the debut novel, Markmaker, by Mary Jessica. My son and I listened to that story during a long road trip using adaptive technology. The story was fascinating from start to finish. And we both hope it will be the first of many stories set in this world. This is the next story we are offered. It is available for joining the author’s mailing list, and it is a wonderful piece. I cannot but hope we get to see these characters in a longer piece. Soon! We listened to the story over almost 7 hours during a trip and the journey back. 

The description of this story is:

““Child of the Deep,” a standalone short story set in the world of Markmaker.

The tattoo of apprenticeship on his forehead told her he had been given to the Van’shorii six years ago. She guessed this was the first time in six years that anyone had touched him in kindness.

I’m sorry, Dakhalo. I’m so sorry for all we have taken from you.”

As soon as I finished this story I went back and read it again. When I told my son about it he was desperate for me to send it to his kindle. 

This short story is a fantastic read and one I can easily recommend! This is a moving short story. Writing short stories is a very different art than long form fiction. Some authors excel at one r the other. Few are masters of both. But this second offering from Mary Jessica shows great skill and talent. And to be honest you cannot beat the price. 

This is a great story in an incredible world. And I hope one of many, many more to come.  

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2023 Catholic Reading Plan

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