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Poland: A Pilgrim's Companion - David Baldwin - CTS Christian Shrines Series

Poland: A Pilgrim's Companion
CTS Christian Shrines Series
David Baldwin
Catholic Truth Society

ISBN 9781784691004
CTS Booklet D805

This book was a complete surprise to me. I read it because of the authors and the series. I have read over 75 books from the Catholic Truth Society in just over the last year. I can honestly say I had never thought of pilgrimage to Poland. Even with all the great saints that have come from there, it literally never crossed my mind. But after reading this volume, if money was not an issue, I could see myself going there for an extended trip or for several trips. David Baldwin immerses the reader in so many places, and many saints. This book is an incredible read. 

This is the eleventh volume in the CTS Christian Shrines series that I have read. I approached this volume with completely new eyes. I have personally had an interest in Pilgrimage, for as long as I can remember. I have written about personal pilgrimage, and previously written about my desire for pilgrimage. I have a university degree in Religious Studies with a specialization in Roman Catholic Thought I would have loved to have had books from this series, and many from the CTS catalog to use as resources during my schooling. But back to this specific volume on Pilgrimage to Poland. 

The sections in this book are: 
Why Poland
     A Catholic Country
     Variety of pilgrim destinations
     A turbulent history
     World Wars
     Practical Thoughts
     Mercy and Reconciliation
Krakow and the Royal Cathedral
     Wawel Hill
     The Royal Cathedral
     First Impressions
     Once Inside
     Zygmunt Bell Tower
     Altar of Jesus Crucified
     Meditation before a Crucifix
     Side chapels and monuments
     Zygmunt Chapel
The Old Town of Krakow
     Our lady of the Assumption
     Visitors’ section
     The Church of St Barbara
     The Church of St Adalbert
     Contrasting churches
     The Dominican church of the Holy Trinity
     The Franciscan church of St Francis of Assisi
     The Church of St Andrew’s
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy and the John Paul II Centre
     The Basilica
     Chaplet to the Divine Mercy
     Adoration Chapel
     Adoration Meditation
     Convent chapel
     John Paul II Centre
Around and About Krakow
     Nowa Huta
     Arka Pana
     Church dedicated to St Maximillian Kolbe
     Contrasting churches
     Cistercian Abby at Mogila
     The Church of St Bartholomew
     Benedictine Monastery at Tyniec
     The Salt Mines
     St Kinga’s Chapel
Kalwaria Sanctuary and Wadowice
     Our Lady of the Angels
     Calvary Way
     Basilica of the Presentation
     Side chapels
     The Church of St Peter the Apostle
     Three places worth a visit
Our Lady of Czestochowa
     The Black Madonna
     Chapel of Our Lady of Czestochowa
     Act of Consecration
     The Basilica
     Unusual Stations of the Cross
     Auschwitz II and III
     Unknown Numbers
     Auschwitz I
     Grim Displays
     The Children
     Black II
     Victims’ Monument
     Meditation – Kaddish – Jewish prayer for the Dead
     Centre for Information, Meetings, Dialogue, 
          Education and Prayer:
     The Carmelite convent
     The Parish of the Franciscan Friars
Mercy and Reconciliation

As can bee seen there is a lot of content in just over 100 pages of this book. This book refers to several other Books from CTS, specifically books about some of the Saints of Poland or the concentration camps. It was a book that inspired me to prayer. It was a book that has sparked an interest in this country, and the faith of the people there. I want to see pictures of many of the places highlighted in this pilgrimage book. I know I will reread this book and pray my way through it again soon. And it has sparked a quest for knowledge about this country, the churches, the shrines, and the Saints. In my opinion the only drawback is this book only comes in a physical format, many of the books in the series are available as eBooks and I really wish this was one of them. 

This is another great book in an excellent series. Maybe the best of the series.

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