Friday 10 May 2019

Cleaning the Gold - Karin Slaughter and Lee Child - A Will Trent and Jack Reacher Story

Cleaning the Gold 
A Will Trent and Jack Reacher Story
Karin Slaughter
Lee Child 
Harper Collins
ISBN 9780008358938
eISBN 9781460712269
eISBN 9780008358945

I have become addicted to reading jack Reacher stories. I have read 12 over as many weeks. And I loved the last match up story I read with Reacher, Faking a Murderer with Kathy Reichs. So even though I had not read anything by Karin Slaughter prior to picking up this story on the day of it’s release, I was eagerly anticipating the story. With having jumped around in reading the Reacher novels. I have a good idea where this one falls both chronologically, but have no idea if or where it fits in the Will Trent story arc. 

This eBook has a letter to the readers from the authors. Five tight chapters. And then a sneak peak of Slaughter’s next novel. Slaughter and Child state:

“We’ve been friends for nearly two decades now – and also fans of each other’s writing. Over the years, our conversations have often turned to the topic of what our series characters, Jack Reacher and Will Trent, would do if they met in real life. Would Will arrest Reacher for taking out some vigilante justice on a bad guy? Would Reacher break Will’s face or throw him down a well? The challenge was finding a way for them to work together. Both men have strong moral compasses, but they each reach true north in very different ways. Finding a case that would bring them into each other’s orbit was a very long conversation that finally resulted in a plot that we were both excited to work out on the page.”

The story is very interesting, and for a Reacher story there is no fighting and no body count. Both Reacher and Trent are working at Fort Knox counting the gold bars. Trent is undercover with a fake name and background and is working on a cold case with Jack Reacher as his suspect. Reacher on the other hand was contacted by Frances L. Neagley by a unique method and comes in from his wandering to catch a particularly nasty character. But there is a lot more to the story than either man at first suspects, and soon the original cases they were working on looks like small potatoes, but in order to fund out why you will need to give the story a read. 

This was an excellently written collaboration between Slaughter and Child. The writing is tight. And we see a little more about Reacher moral compass and sense of right. And for me it was also an excellent introduction to Will Trent. If you are a fan of either Trent or Reacher, you owe it to yourself to read this story. And if you just love great short stories, I am sure it will entertain. So give it a try. The only downside is now I am trying to figure out how to fit Karin Slaughter’s books into my already Reacher sized ‘to be read pile’!

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