Saturday 19 January 2019

Smart Egg Labyrinth Puzzle - Product Review

Smart Egg
Labyrinth Puzzle


As a family we currently have 8 of these toys. They are puzzles that are enjoyed by the whole family. It began when my youngest brother bought one for my son. Instantly my son, both daughters and me all loved doing the puzzle egg. There are twelve eggs in the starter series.

Level 1 Eggs:
The first 6 eggs each teach you tricks but the stick basically moves through, up, down, back and forth. The eggs in this series are:


Level 2 Eggs:
The next 6 eggs get a little more complicated, you have all the movements of level 1 eggs, but there are internal pieces in the egg that you can move with the stick. Once those ‘tumblers’ are moved the stick has new paths open up and are required to complete the eggs. The eggs in this series are:


Space Capsule

Level 3 Eggs or 2 Layer Eggs:
These eggs get a lot more complicated. Not only do you have all the movements of level 1 and 2 eggs. But the egg itself has a core that slides down and rotates left and right. The first time I did one of these it took about 40 minutes and even with that there was a move in the middle I wasn’t sure how I did. The three eggs currently in this series all look the same from the outside but the insides are very different. The eggs in this set are:

Blue Dragon
Red Dragon
Black Dragon

There are several cool features to these toys. First each egg can be solved from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Then once you know an egg you can race and time yourself. There is an app with an electronic version of puzzle eggs, and a timer to keep your records with physical eggs. The first smart eggs were hand crafted of wood and limited in number (and limited editions). But as the popularity grew, they expanded into plastic eggs. And now there are tournaments and competitions. Please note level 1 and 2 eggs look the same, same size only difference is if they have internal pieces that move. Level 3 eggs are much bigger and easy to tell apart.

Note: We have eggs not listed above, those are from the official website which is outdated. And if you are local to Kitchener-Waterloo we get ours at J&J Cards and Collectibles. (And if you want, they do ship. I checked before posting this review and at that time they had stock of about 10 different ones on hand.)

Of the eggs listed above we have the 5 that are blue text, and we have three that are not listed. But I am sure we will have more soon.

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