Saturday 12 January 2019

Lesson Learned A Story about Pineapple, Sour keys and Lindor Chocolates.

Lesson Learned A Story about Pineapple, Sour keys and Lindor Chocolates.
(Or why I received 150 Red Velvet Chocolates for Christmas)

This is a story about a Christmas present, a box of 150 Lindor Chocolates all of the Red Velvet flavor, but before I can tell that story I need to go back in time 16 years and tell two other stories. Stories from shortly after I was married, and adjustments to married life. So here are the back stories.

Shortly after we were married my wife was visiting her office in Toronto and was asked a lot of questions about what married life was like. Now, before we were married my wife lived alone, so it was a big adjustment, being married and living with someone again. Her complaint to her coworkers was “He ate my pineapple!” The girls were surprised, and my wife explained, when you live alone if you buy something it is there. Apparently, a couple of times I had consumed the last of the pineapple. For her if she bought pineapple, she expected it to be there, even if it had gone bad. As the oldest of three boys, and often living on a tight budget, if food was starting to go, I was used to eating it, so it wouldn’t be wasted. One co-worker asked; “Why don’t you buy two pineapples?” And I was told the story shortly there after.

Shortly after the ‘pineapple’ incident there was another event. At the time I was working as a shift supervisor at Starbucks and arrived home late one night. My wife was in bed, and I decided to watch one of the Lord of the Rings movies before bed. On the table was a bowl of sour keys; there was only one type left in the bowl. I assumed my wife ate the flavors she liked and left the ones she did not like. I started snacking and consumed the bowl. The next morning, I awoke to a scream. Apparently, my wife had eaten all but her favorite, expecting to have those later.

My wife and I both learned lessons at that time in our marriage. She learned to buy more and to tell me if something was for a specific purpose. I learned, or thought I had learned, to ask if I was about to consume the last of something, or at least something my wife likes.

Now let’s fast forward almost 16 years. And It seems I ended up in hot water again because of my mouth. Not for what came out of it, but for what I put into it. You see my wife had a friend who had been down in the States. She returned a container for my wife filled with, Lindor Champagne, and a small box shaped like a piece of cake, with at the time limited edition Red Velvet Lindor. It sat on the counter in a bag for a couple of days. I was working from home on the Friday and filled a bowl on the counter with the Champagne ones, and tried one of the red Velvet with my coffee. It was good, and before I knew it the box was empty and in the recycling.

The next morning lying in bed chatting, my wife mentioned she was going to put away the Champagne ones, so the kids did not eat them thinking they would like them. And I replied “Ok”. She asked about the other ones and I got a sheepish look. And I meekly stated, “They’re gone.” She burst out “GONE??? How can they be gone they have only been there a few days.” I happened to have mentioned that “my only defense would not help me”. She asked what it was, and I replied, “They were so good!” She said there must have been 10 in the box, and I said no, maybe 8. She looked it up online and there were 12. I heard about it, and heard about it, and heard about it. I even reached out to a couple of former co-workers in California to see if they could find a box to send to me, to no avail.

Then on Christmas morning I opened a present. It was a big box of Lindor, 150, all the Red Velvet, now available in Canada. And hopefully this time I have learned my lesson. And that is my story of pineapple, sour keys and Lindor.

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