Saturday 29 April 2017

Exodus 90 at Day 60

Exodus 90 - Day 60 Check In

A 90 Day program for Christian men with a focus on Prayer, Asceticism, and Brotherhood. From Those Catholic Men. And my fraternity is now 60 days in. Here are some reflections on the program.

The second 30 days seemed harder than the first. In part because of when we started. It was easier to apply the disciplines of Exodus 90 during Lent. And then when Lent ended and we needed to keep going it was hard. Our group has stood strong. Each of us has faced trials, and temptations. We have reached out to the other members, and through encouragement, challenge and prayer been able to stay the course. 

Also over the last 30 days we have grown closer. The relationships have deepened. We have been more vulnerable with each other and more intentional about checking in and following up with each other. Because we are a remote fraternity, we do a weekly Video conference but check in a few times throughout the day. Each of us has been facing our own trials, some work related, some family, and some personal growth. Each of us is growing in discipline and in prayer. And are starting to see some results from our efforts, and also more resistance!

Mike Short, from Intentional Encounter, who worked through the Exodus 90 program early on created the fitness guide that is now part of the regime. There are workouts for every day of the program, starting off with simple body weight exercises for time, and in the first 30 days progressing to include AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible. Each day you have set exercises and stretches, and every 3rd day is Active rest. This first month we have 5 Exercises and 5 Stretches and a few more will be introduced over the next few weeks.  But by day 60 we have added EMOM - Every Minute on the Minute as another variety in the workouts, and also Max Effort. Also Declining rep sets 21-15-9 and also  10, 9, 8, 7, …, 1. 

The exercises in the first month include:
Hand Raise Push Ups
Airt Squats
Sit Ups / Crunches
Lunge Steps 
Jumping Jacks
200m Run
Walking Lunges
Plank Holds
Mountain Climbers

The stretches are:
Tricep Stretch
Samson Stretch
Seated Hamstring Stretch
Pass Through with Broom handle
Inch Worm Stretch
Squat Holds

The fitness portion really took a big jump this time! And looking ahead we have 4 more exercises being introduced over the last 30 days.

These 90 days are a time dedicated to growth and change a time to refocus on the spiritual disciplines and also physical disciplines. 

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