Wednesday 28 September 2016

Product Review - Super Serum Vanilla - Paleo Ethics

Super Serum Vanilla
Paleo Ethics

This is the third Paleo Ethics product that I have tried And I find it hard to write a review for this one. Unlike the Organic Super Greens that I loved, and the Vegan Recovery Matrix which I enjoyed, This one for a vanilla protein powder was great, but overall is a little more wanting then the other offerings I have tried.

For the most part Vanilla protein powders are awful, they usually smell great but taste horrible. I once struggled through half a tub of a product mixing it 1 to 2 with either chocolate or strawberry and finally gave up and threw the rest out. I am not sure why making a great tasting vanilla product has proved so hard. Now don't get me wrong this one tastes good, but is way too sweet for my palate. I am not sure if it is the Stevia, Vanilla Caramel or the Coconut oil powder but I could not drink this on its own. I tried mixing it with water, juice, and even greens powders. Just could not find a good way to have it just as a drink. Finally took to mixing it into smoothies that were heavy on chia and hemp hearts to tone it down. Also mixing it needed the bullet, just a glass or shaker always ended up with clumping.

I have seen two different sets of nutritional labels for this product. One says there are 18g protein for 1 scoop and the other 18g protein for 2 scoops. Not sure which is accurate? I like that the sugars are 0 and the sodium lower than many other brands. 

The ingredients are: Super Serum (beef), Beef protein Isolate, Stevia, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Natural French Vanilla, Coconut Oil Powder.

I really believe this product could be amazing if it had half the stevia.  As it is it is a good product and serves its stated purpose. And you can really appreciate the no eggs, non GMO, gluten free, dairy and soy free, no added sugar, no nuts, no corn and Paleo certified. 

Would I get it again not likely but based on the quality I would be more than willing to try some of their other products. Good try but not quite there.

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