Tuesday 6 September 2016

Made for More - Curtis Martin

Made for More
Curtis Martin
Beacon Publishing for

Wellspring Publishing
Dynamic Catholic
ISBN 9781937509163
ISBN 9781934217498

It was interesting reading this book. In many ways it took me back to my first time in University. Like Martin I became connected with Campus ministries, and specifically Campus Crusade for Christ. Unlike Curtis I was pushed away from the Catholic church by the Campus director from that ministry. I wish a book like this had been around back then, it might have saved me years as a spiritual nomad.

Curtis Martin packs a lot of personal story, and a lot of spiritual guidance into this slim volume. Coming in at under 130 pages it has a lot of great content, the sections in this book are:

Who Do You Say That I Am?
Can You Believe What You Read?
He is Risen Indeed!
The Kingdom of God on Earth
Life in the Kingdom
A Personal Search for Truth

The progression that Curtis travelled is one that I heard many times in my years in campus ministry, as a student and as staff with The Navigators. But Curtis follows it through and does not settle. He becomes convinced and through that conviction he returns to the Catholic Church.

This book is also part guide, it was written as a guide for students to help them grow first in a relationship with Christ Jesus. Then through that relationship finding God's plan for our life; and to do both through our church communities.

This book would be excellent to young people in our lives heading off to college or universities. It is also excellent for those of us in the work force who need the reminder that we are made for more and some direct points on how to grow in that realization.

I highly recommend this book for any believer who wants to grow in their faith. Can you imagine what our schools, our workplaces, our parishes and our families would look like if we read, believed and lived out the message in this book?

(Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: A Year of Reading Intention - Catholic Reading!)

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