Friday 10 October 2014

Nylon Angel - Marianne de Pierres - Parrish Plessis Book I

Nylon Angel
Parrish Plessis Book I
Marianne de Pierres
ISBN 9780451460370

When I finished this book my first thoughts were that it is a dark, gritty first novel with lots of bite! In part it feels like a cross between Mad Max and Ultraviolet. And I could easily picture Milla Jovovichas Parrish. This story has a lot of violence, some assault, and lots of abuse. It is set in the future where there are two worlds, those who live in protected walled cities and are those who live beyond the control of law in the poisoned wastelands outside the cities. Parrish chose to leave the cities and take the chances in the Tert a toxic strip of land outside the city limits, with a poisoned environment and poisoned people.

She starts working as a body guard and makes the mistake of being hired out by Jamon Hondo, now he life is a living hell again. And she would do almost anything to get out of it. Including taking really huge risks. Parrish Plessis is now living between a rock and a hard place and the space to move just keeps getting tighter. Parrish makes a deal with one of Jamon's rivals and things just keep going from bad to worse. She is being chanced by the gangs in the tert with a huge price on her head, but the authorities for the murder of a media sweet heart Razz Retribution. But the one thing Parrish knows better than anything else it is how to survive, and no matter the ods against her she keeps pushing on!

This book had a lot more violence than I normally read. But like a great action movie, it fits in the story. It is well written and was a great read. It is the second book by Marianne de Pierres that I have read but it will defiantly not be the last. If you want a dark gritty read with a strong female lead this ia a book for you - Think a female Mad Max!

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