Thursday 5 June 2014

Reconciliation - Steve Stanton - Bloodlight Chronicles Book 1

Bloodlight Chronicles Book 1
Steve Stanton
ECW Press
ISBN 9781550229547

This cyber punk story set in a very different future offers much for a first novel by an author and first book in the Bloodlight Chronicles trilogy. It took a while to get into the story but once I did I was hooked and am really looking forward to the other volumes in the series. Eternal's are people who appears almost vampire like, their blood rejuvenates them, they will live longer, be healthier. But in order to become eternal you must receive the alien virus, The internet can be plugged right into with wet ware. So we have Eternals, humans, virtual space, space travel and more all in a tightly written story packed with action.

Cast of Characters:
Zakariah Davis - Eternal, v-Space guru
Mia Davis - Eternal, wife of Zak, warrior
Rix David - human, son of Zak and Mia,
Jimmy - Zak's longtime friend and associate
Niko Davis - clone of namesake, sister to Zac
Phillip Davis - Zak's estranged father, power broker
Helena Sharp - rich, Director of the Eternal Research Institute
Dr. Silus Mundazo - Head researcher at the Eternal Research Institute
Colin7 - Clone of first human to have his intellect loaded into the machine
Colin McPherson - scientist, creator of wormhole technology, see above

This story revolves around Zakariah, and his story revolves around getting an activated sample of the virus for his son Rix. There is almost no length he will not go to; to protect his son in this way. Sometimes life get's far more complicated than we ever expect or plan and that is what has happened to Zak yet again. And as we will find out a number of people have been pulling strings to get Zak to help them with their plans and use the bait of the sample for his son. Zak is now partnered with Helena Sharp and the ERI on a trip across the galaxy.

The book is well written, especially for a first novel. It is packed with action both in the physical and the virtual world. There is a little romance, and some spiritual overtures. The book is almost a mash up between Alfred Bester and Robert B. Parker. Is it a William Gibson, no, but it is close and fans of that style will definitely enjoy the read. And with two follow up book there story has numerous places it can go. While writing this review I found numerous negative reviews of the book. I was very surprised, what also surprised me was that rates for each book in the series goes up. So overall a great beginning give it a try.

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