Monday 30 June 2014

Mighty Me Training Camp - Brian Donovan

Mighty Me Training Camp
Brian Donovan

Recently Tony Horton gave a shout out to this video on facebook and his blog. I already had Tony Horton's - Tony and the Kid's, and Shaunt T's Fit Kids but wanted to give this as a try for my kids and to add some variety. It is an awesome little 36 minute video. My kids love it. I currently have three children - ages 8, 6, and 3 and they all love this workout. Last week my oldest daughter had a friend over after school and asked if they could do go "Mighty Me" and she friend loved it also. All three of my children have asked since we first did this at different times for us to do it again. The video was originally created and aired through Discovery Education and was one of their top videos for 5 year. It is now available direct and for a very reasonable rate.

Brian and Mighty Me take us through a romping workout that will engage, the mind, the body and instill confidence and values. The children will do a wide range of stretches, and activities. They will shout at the TV, laugh and overall have a great time. I even wore my heart rate monitor and burned 100 calories doing it with the kids. Watching Brian was like a cross between the Great American Hero and Tony Horton. It is engaging for the children and fun for adults. This video has been kids tested and kid approved. And I hope that Brian will release more down the road!

Brian in his own words:

Dear Family and Friends,

Finally, my children's show MIGHTY ME is available on DVD!!! I am really excited about my grassroots endeavor to get Mighty Me out in the world and I am asking for your support. Currently, MM is available through Discovery Education at a whopping institutional price of $89, BUT I would like to make
it available to my family and friends via my website for $14.95 plus tax and shipping (a limited supply of T-shirts are available too)! Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

To buy the DVD or to learn more, please visit my safe & secure site and be sure to check out the trailer, play the games and get your free Mighty Me certificate! Long story short, I am distributing MIGHTY ME myself, initially with family and friends to try and create a "movement" if you will. Please consider getting some (the holidays are coming) for YOUR family and friends (and schools: I would be more than happy to ship in mass and discuss subsidized donations especially to economically
struggling areas).

I believe our children need MIGHTY ME now more than ever.
My best to you all and THANK YOU,

Brian Donovan (and Mighty Me!)

So what have you got to lose give it a try and become the best you, you can be, become a Mighty Me!

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