Saturday 15 February 2014

Tart Surprise - Smoothie Saturday

Tart Surprise

1tbsp Chia Seeds
3tbsp Hemp Hearts
1 cup Blue Berries
1 Beet quartered
1/2 cup Beet Greens
1 Oranges Pealed
1 Lemon Pealed
1 inch Fresh Ginger Pealed and chopped
Water to max line

I use a NutriBullet so combine all ingredients and blend until smooth and frothy. If juicing then skip the water.

Nutritional Information:
518 Calories
76g Carbs
17g Fat
19g Protein
45g Sugar
24g Fiber

Quick Tips:
1. I buy beets in bulk and wash and chop them and freeze them. I keep the green's separated from the roots/ They are quick and easy to use and help make nice cold thick smoothies.
2. I put the chia seeds and hemp hearts in the blended with a touch of water and let them soak while prepping the rest.

I will continue to post new recipes from time to time on Saturday as I experiment with Smoothie and Juice recipes. And I collect mine and favourites from around the web you can find them shared here in a OneNote notebook, there are subsections for Juices, Smoothies, Gluten Free Options and Other. 

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