Thursday 13 February 2014

Be A Prayer Warrior And Use Words Wisely - Glenn Langohr

Be A Prayer Warrior And Use Words Wisely:
30 Declarations and Prayers To Speak Victory Into Your Life
Glenn Langohr
Sanctified Publishing
ISBN 9781492370468

I was actually browsing the Kindle story for prayer books by Stormie Omartian when this one caught my eye. Words do have incredible power, the words spoken over us, the words we speak to ourselves in our heads; the words that become our reality in our day to day life. But those words can hurt, cripple and destroy or they can be words for life. Now to be honest over the last 25 years I have read numerous books on prayer, and books of prayers. There is not much new in this volume. But it is written with such straight forward faith and devotion. It will encourage and challenge you. You will find some of the prayers speak directly to you that day and will speak them aloud a number of times. Others will be prompted to share with others or to pray them over friends, families or situations you are aware of. This book is 30 declarations of faith paired with 30 prayers. I have prayed them each aloud and plan to do so again.

The 30 Declarations are:
Everything Is In God's Hands
I Am God's Precious Child
I Will Live in God's Faithfulness
I Will Be Free From Anxiety
I Will Declare God's Truths
I Declare I Will Pray More
I Will Be Grateful To God
I Will Glorify God By Testifying
I Will Have An Abundant Explosion of God's Favor
My Only Addiction Is To The Lord
I Am Anointed By God
The Bible Teaches Righteousness
I Will Use Words Wisely
God Can Breakthrough Anything
God's Destiny For My Life Will Prevail
My Body Is God's Temple
Jesus Is My Savoir and Friend
I Am Justified By Faith
I Am Blessed With Spiritual Gifts
I Will Ignite My Passion For God
I Will Chose Faith Over Fear
I Will Be Bold and Stretch My Faith
I Choose to be Calm in the Storm
I Will Build People Up
I Will Be Active for the Lord Rather Than Passive
I am Forgiven
God is My Healer
I Have A Sound Mind Grounded in God's Truth
I Will Thank the Lord for Adversity by Singing Praises
Nothing Will Separate Me From God Almighty

Reading this book took me back to when I was new at being serious about being a Christian, it reminded me of books by Bill Bright and Neil T. Anderson, Billy Hybels and more. It is a short book with prayers that have the power to transform your life. This was an amazing little book and I look forward to reading more from Glenn in the near future and I am already rereading and praying this one. And to be honest you cannot beat the price points on the ebooks by Glenn.

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