Tuesday 15 October 2013

Rapunzel Let Down - Regina Doman - A Fairy Tale Retold

Rapunzel Let Down
A Fairy Tale Retold
Regina Doman
Chesterton Press
ISBN 9780982767771

I have enjoyed all the books by Regina Doman that I have read. But this one is to date the best! The story was so powerful I read it twice. It is raw, powerful and riveting! As a reader we can see the train wreck coming but have no idea how the crash will happen and if there will be any chance for a recovery.

It all begins with a secret! A secret summer romance between Hermes McCaffrey the conservative catholic senator and Raphaela the adopted daughter of an extremist reclusive scientist. Scaling the tower of the property next to their summer home to win a bet Hermes discovers Raphaela and soon their friendship blossoms. For different reasons they each want to keep their friendship a secret from their families. And that first deception soon leads to others all heading towards a disaster but neither realizes how dire the consequences will be.

Be warned this book deals with numerous issues, premarital sex, debate about abortion. Prison and the reality of that environment. And the many conflicts between a Roman Catholic and a post modernist world view.  But with that being said.

Rapunzel Let Down is an amazing Read. It is a unique twist and modernization of a tale we all know. Two young adults raised in radically different environments meet because of a dare. And soon find they have a great love of books, learning and life. Each sparks something the other did not know was missing. But can traditions, and family pride keep them apart? Read this riveting new novel by Regina Doman, the  sixth novel in the Fairy Tales Retold series is an enthralling read. Once you pick it up you will not want to put it down.

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