Friday 5 April 2013

Fancy Friendship Bracelets - Anne Akers Johnson - Klutz

Fancy Friendship Bracelets
Anne Akers Johnson
ISBN 9781591746928

This book will provide hours of fun. It gives you everything you need to complete a number of projects just with the supplies provided. The projects will teach the basics of weaving a number of different patterns and styles. But you can use that as a start for creating your own projects and crafts once you have mastered the basics.

What you get:
6 Charms
Small Beads
Big Beads
4 Colors of cord (8yYards each)

Braclet Basics
Charmed Braid
Woven Beads
Knotted Beads
Square Knot
Dew Drop
Double Bead
Lark Loops

This book is awesome fun. The projects can be started and finished at a later point. The techniques will be transferable to more crafts and activities and experimenting with different materials. An awesome book and I highly recommend it.

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