Friday 19 April 2013

Coin Blaster Arcade - Klutz

Coin Blaster Arcade
ISBN 9780545396271

This book should provide hours and hours of entertainment. This awesome book comes with 10 games and all the pieces to play them. It will be nostalgic for fans of the old penny football or hockey, or to introduce kids to a whole new pastime with no batteries and no displays and social interaction.

The Games:
Slap Shot
Break The Bank
Blasting Blocks
Monster Mouth
Get Air
Hot Shot Hoops
Upper Cut
50-Yark Flick
Skee Coin
Penny Putt Golf

It comes with two shooters, ramp and braces, and a number of pieces for the games. There is a pocket in the back to hold all the pieces. On all books by Klutz there is their 100% Klutz Certified and this one lives up to that. You will not be disappointed!

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