Sunday 17 July 2011

A Spark of Death - Bernadette Pajer

A Spark of Death
Bernadette Pajer
Poisoned Pen Press

ISBN 9781590589052

This debut novel by Bernadette Pajer, set in Seattle in 1901, was an amazing read. I kept finding myself not wanting to put it down. The cast of characters is as diverse and eclectic as you could want, from our main character Professor Bradshaw, his son Justin, his witty and wise house cleaner Mrs. Prouty to Mr. Henry Pratt, long-time
friend of the professors, and his orphaned niece Missouri Fremont. One of the main sets for the story is 1204 Gallagher in Seattle, the home of Professor Bradshaw, the center of his nice orderly universe, and also the core of what he might lose if he is found guilty of murder. So with no choice but to investigate and try to clear his name, the adventure begins.

The story centers around a murder that takes place at the University of Washington. Bradshaw finds himself the chief suspect. But he knows he is not the killer, and the killer is still at large. Soon more bodies appear and an attempt is even made on the professor's life. Seattle in 1901 was a unique city with an equal mix of cosmopolitan and frontier town. The city was bursting at the seams and development and growth evident aplenty.

The story was very well written, the characters strong and the flow of the plot well paced. I could not put the book down and eagerly await the next Bradshaw mystery.

(Note: I received an electronic galley of this book through NetGalley, courtesy of Poisoned Pen Press. The book was read on my Kobo eReader. As per my general disclaimer, free books have no impact on my review.)

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