Tuesday 23 June 2009

Hide-and-Peek by: Little Scholastic

Little Scholastic

ISBN 9780545135863

This is a fantastic book for young children. It is geared from baby to 3 and it captivates young children. There are often tugs-of-war for who will get this book. Every page has different shapes as cutout to the page beneath. There are also numerous textures, materials, and raised surfaces for tactile learning. A rough sparkly star becomes a round shiny sun, raindrops on a cloud become a bumpy ball. With great photos of baby expression, mirrors and such it is a great book for little eyes and hands. It's oversized nature for board books make it easy to handle for even very young children. It's a wonderful book for young children and those who look after them and spend time with them. It is also part of the Little Scholastic series that has oversized books called Rhyme-a-Round and Playtime, and regular sized board books for the alphabet, colors and shapes. Guaranteed to entertain the young kids in your life.

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