Friday 29 May 2009

The Princess Plot - Kirsten Boie

The Princess Plot
Kirsten Boie

Translated by David Henry Wilson

Chicken House a Division of

ISBN 9780545032209

Reading a book in translation is always interesting, for questions will always arise in the back of your head. Is the original this good, is it better? Has something been lost in translation, but unless you read the original language also and can compare the two you just have to judge the book on its own? As such, this is an interesting story; it is the story of a plain girl Jenna, who one day after school is asked to audition to play a princess in a new movie. The talent scouts are set up outside her school, and she decided to defy her mother and audition. When the audition goes well she is asked to travel to meet the director for the final decision. There she is asked to play the real princess of Scandia, during her birthday celebration to see if she can really play the role - to give the real princess a day off.

However she soon realizes that things are not as they appear, from the real princess' uncle and Regent crying over her, to all the secrecy. Soon there are rebels and bombings and she is kidnapped. That's when the adventure really begins.

This story is wonderfully written. David Henry Wilson has translated many books into English and is an accomplished author himself. Between him and Kirsten Boie, they have told a fantastic story. The pace is well-done, the settings and characters are real and well portrayed, the scenes well laid out and the progression and the resolution entertaining and satisfying.

This book will make a great, fun summer read. It is light enough to be pleasure reading but serious enough to keep the reader entertained and turning the pages.

(First published in Imprint 2009-05-29.)


taylorstar101 said...

-fan 101 tay bri

I am just starting to read your book.Its great.Really intersting. What inspired you? hope you respond k bye.

Anonymous said...

I love you. I really want to have ur signiture on my book. i love ur book

Steven R. McEvoy said...

I did not write the book, just reviewed it. But glad you liked it.