Monday 25 May 2009

Down the Drain! by Munsch & Martchenko

Down the Drain!
Robert Munsch (Author)

Michael Martchenko (Illustrator)


ISBN 9780545986007

I know that Robert Munsch's books are immensely popular. In fact a few years ago I was a huge fan and purchased and gave away copy after copy of many of his books. Yet I find in his more recent books that there is a cynicism and disrespect that I no longer enjoy.

In this story, Adam who winds up in trouble, ends up blackmailing his father to get him a new skateboard, new shoes, a dress for his sister and a hamburger. Those are not the kinds of lessons I want my children learning - that they only have to do what you ask them if you bribe them.

The story is supposed to be fun and humorous and the illustrations are great. But it is just not a story I can recommend. I find that some of the most cynical people in life are formerly religious, and even more so for Jesuits. Maybe that explains Munsch's writing and stories.

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