Wednesday 1 April 2009

Big Earth, Little Me by Kate Endle & Thom Wiley

Big Earth, Little Me
Thom Wiley (Author)
Kate Endle (Illustrator)

ISBN 9780545092258

This is a great little book designed to introduce young children to the concept of environmental responsibility. In simple terms and examples it shows them how they can have an impact to help the earth. Each page has a flap or fold or lift-tab that shows the children the point from that page. Simply written so even young children can grasp the principles, and wonderfully illustrated, it is a great book for the children in your life. It is even printed with soy ink so the book itself has less of an environmental impact.

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Anonymous said...

A brilliant little children's book - I was recommended this off the parenting site gurgle and for once a tip paid little one loved it!