Monday 1 September 2008

New Den - My Working Space

This past weekend I had to move my den. It moved from a large room upstairs, with a vaulted ceiling and sunk in from the mail floor, to a smaller room downstairs. This move was prompted by a few things, first our tenant and friend moved out and he was using the downstairs den as his living room. The second was with two kids under two, we needed a second space for them other than the living room downstairs, so my wife set up her scrap booking things upstairs we set it up as a second TV room and play room for the kids, and our new tenant. Here are some pictures of my new space. Below are some of the old one.

I really need a neat and organized working space. I do not know if it is because of my dual form of dyslexia or because of my obsessive tendencies. But today I spent most of the day moving furniture and then organizing. This was also my single biggest purge of books ever, it might be second to when I got married and we combined houses but I am not sure. I once had 8 six foot high bookcases full plus 2 eight footlong shelves in a closet and now I am down to 5 book cases and those not even all full. Aldersgate Books came in and bought 4 cases of used books. I also did two trips to both Old Goat Books and the Bookworm to sell books. Any I packed up that they did not take were then dropped off at the Waterloo Generations MCC Thrift Shop. It feels good to be able to part with books, to know that I own my possessions and that they do not own me. These are some pictures of my old den. You Can also see write ups about my old den and purging books here and here.

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this website by accident. Mainly because I was looking up C 1702's...

It's funny because in my den, with a 24" monitor and a 40" tv, I have a commodore 1702 monitor as well, used for gamecube games.

I have it on a table facing me when i work just like you too.

Of all the things I upgrade, I can't upgrade that. It's just too awesome for a monitor from 1982.

Anyways... just felt like commenting.