Wednesday 26 March 2008

The Legacy of Ogma by: E.A. Rappaport

The Legacy of Ogma
E.A. Rappaport
9780595464043 (Paperback)
ISBN 97805957010919 (Cloth)

ISBN 9780595906987 (Ebook)

Halia, a beautiful young thief, finds a small crystal orb. This is the beginning of a grand adventure. While searching for the key to the sphere, she encounters Ahriman a sorcerer and Xarun a warrior, both of whom has his own sphere. The three set off on an adventure around the globe to find out the secrets of the orbs. This book has it all - wizards, thieves, warriors, battles between good and evil. It contains travel, or we should say journey or quest, and the great unknown.

This book has it all for a fantasy fan! There is epic scenery across the continent and under the sea. Add to that adventure, weapons, magic and battles. A reader could not ask for more in a book from this genre than we have in this volume.

Rappaport writes in a smooth and pleasing style. The reader gets drawn into the story and the world is so well-crafted it becomes believable. While reading this book you are transported into a world in your imagination and it is as if you are there participating in the events. Rappaport creates believable characters that stay true to themselves. Some new authors have characters who become wishy-washy or who seem to change personality part way through a book, sometimes even a number of times. Rappaport has not fallen into that error. He obviously spent a lot of time planning the characters and the plot to create this novel. He also does a great job at describing stunning scenery and believable fight scenes. His battles are neither too gory nor too glossed over. He writes with the balanced approach of a pro. The dialogue is great - neither stunted nor verbose. Rappaport has written an excellent book.

This book is the first in a series by E.A. Rappaport, and if the other two books in the weapons trilogy are as good as this one, fantasy fans are in for a treat, not only in this series but in future writings from Rappaport. If you are a fantasy fun give this new author a try.

(First published in Imprint 2008-03-28.)

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