Thursday 14 February 2008

The Church's Most Powerful Novenas by: Michael Dubruiel

The Church's Most Powerful Novenas
Michael Dubruiel

Our Sunday Visitor

ISBN 9781592760978

This is a small prayer book full of big-time punch. I always find it hard to review prayer books. Either you like them or you don't, which is like most books, but unlike fiction or theology it is a much more personal reaction. That being said, this is a great book. I wish there were a hard cover edition so it could take more of a beating.

Michael Dubrueil does an amazing job in just over 350 pages of giving solid teaching on Novenas - both the history of Novenas, and how to endure in praying Novenas. He also instructs the reader in ways of encountering God, the reasons to pray Novenas and gives a personal account of some of the prayers he has used and God's care and provision for him.

With over 30 Novenas highlighted in the book and Appendices to the prayers common to Novenas, and the shrines associated with Novenas in the book, Michael covers the whole gambit of Novenas. The specific Novenas in the book are categorized as Novenas to:

1. Christ and the Holy Spirit
2. The Blessed Virgin Mary
3. Relatives of Jesus
4. Particular Saints
5. American Saints
6. Holy Souls
7. A Quick Novena

This collection of Novenas and prayers said over nine days will be a source of light, hope and encouragement in your life. Thank you Michael for this treasury.

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