Saturday 1 December 2007

Some New Stuff Some Old

It's been a while since I have posted. Life is crazy busy. I will get back to reviewing some books soon. Promise. I have not actually finished a book for pleasure since August, only school books. Between being in College, and being in University some volunteer work and all the other aspects of life, I just do not seem to have much time on my hands for reading and writing for leisure.

However with that said. I am part way into some books I would like to give plus to the books or authors before Christmas shopping , some new books not yet completed,
and some standby favorites. So in no particular order:
Dr. Kevin Vost
Memorize the Faith:
And Almost Everything Else
Sophia Institute Press
ISBN 9781933184173

I wish I had finished this book before I began my certification courses this fall. I know from what I have learned already that it would prove invaluable. Dr. Vost teaches us a number of tried and true techniques and tricks for memorizing the Catholic faith, but these are tools we can apply to any area of our life.

Dr. Kevin Vost

Fit for Eternal Life
Sophia Institute Press

ISBN 9781933184319

This one is not available until later in December. However since corresponding with Dr. Vost and starting his other book, this one has been on my wish list since I first heard of it. For years now one of my personal goal's had been a striving to find a balance between body, mind and spirit. To be working on developing all three. This book looks like it is a tool geared at that balance.
Kathy Shaidle
God Rides a Yamaha

ISBN 1896836240

This is a truly an amazing little book, well worth every penny, many times over. I have read it a number of times, not, and lent it to numerous friends who have all loved it. I now keep two copies of this book, my personal reading copy and a lending
copy. Kathy's blog is worth checking out also.
Kathy Shaidle
Lobotomy Magnificant
Oberon Press

ISBN 0778010716

A great collection of poetry to make you think. This book was nominated for the Governor General's Literary Award for poetry. This book like all of Shaidle's is a great book. I wish she would publish some more books, either of poetry or prose.

Jim Manney (Editor)

The Best Catholic Writing 2007
Loyola Press

ISBN 9780829426113

This is the 4th installment in this series. It is a great way to discover some Catholic authors or read some stuff from some of the authors you already know. This year was no disappointment in that fashion. Ron Hansen's entry from A Stay Against Confusion is a little baffling since it was published in 2001. But it is still a great collection.
A.R. Horvath
Fidelis Suzeteo
ISBN 9780979127618

I have just started this book but it looks like an excellent alternative to the Harry Potter books. It cam to me highly recommended and so I pass on the recommendation and will be reviewing it early in the new year. What I have read so far has left me wanting to read more. It looks like the beginning or a great series.

S. William Shaw

The Santa Mysteries
Lulu Press

Shaw writes like a master even though he only has two books published. Both are great, and this one would be fun to read with the family over the holidays. I can not recommend Shaw;s books enough for you and your family, they are just great fun.
S. William Shaw
Sherman Oak and the Magic Potato
Lulu Press

ISBN 9781430322207

I absolutely loved this book, it was a fun packed adventure that I cannot wait to share with my children when they are older. This book will be a hit for any child on your Christmas shopping list.

Well those of some of my suggestions for books for Christmas shopping either for those on your list, or for yourself.

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