Wednesday 19 December 2007

Meme Booked by 3 - December

Meme Booked by 3 - December From Shelly's Bookshelf She adapted this month's questions from a reader.

1. Do you have any books you read every year/often?

Yes and no. I have books I read every year for a while, but eventually stop for the most part. The one's I reread often and most years are:
1b. Or, if you don't have the time, is there any you want to reread?
  • Too many to list. But a list of favorite books each year can be seen here.
2. Do you read holiday books? If yes, do you have any favorites?
3. Do you give books for gifts and/or like to receive them?
  • Yes, and Yes, I tend to give a number of copies of my current favorite book.
3a.If you like to receive them, do you keep a wishlist somewhere?
If you want to play join in the fun, I wont tag anyone specifically.

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