Tuesday 25 September 2007

Unleashing the Inner Geek

Finding My Inner Geek

As some of you know from earlier posts I have been retraining and working on some computer certifications to help me get back into the workforce after an injury. This first picture is a screen shot of my computer taken a few days back. I am running a host machine running Microsoft Vista Home Premium, on it I am running a mix of operating systems in VMWare and Microsoft Virtual PC. The guest systems are:

Windows 98
Windows 2K (2000)
Windows 2003 Server
Windows XP Professional.
Dam Small Linux

You can see the Mac OS under the Linux and Windows. I have come to realize how much of an inner geek I have. I rebooted the Windows till I got a screen shot of all three in startup screen's.(Picture 3) I have also gone back as far as Windows 3.11 on Dos 6.2. It is fun playing in the old OS's and remembering how to do networking and such through them. It should come in handy working in IT.

There are a few applications to playing in such a way. The first is you can run a number of different operating systems without having to set up multi-boot. The second is if you have old software you need that will not run on a new system, you can now use it and have the benefits of the newer operating system.

This final picture is a shot of all the Microsoft Windows I have installed in virtual Machine's either at home or at school. Geeks of the world Unite, or since I am dyslexic 'Geeks of the World Untie'.

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