Wednesday 5 September 2007

Catholic Carnival 135

The Carnival is up at 'A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars' this week is simply called 'Catholic Carnival 135'! A great is somewhat smaller than normal Carnival, maybe everyone is busy with back to school.

I feel like a cad but I have missed the last 5 Carnivals, I also did not get any blogging done in that time frame.Sorry to all the bloggers who put the time and effort into the carnivals. Here they are:
Catholic Carnival 134
Catholic Carnival 133
Catholic Carnival 132
Catholic Carnival 131 A Delayed Work in Progress
Catholic Carnival 130

Check out the Catholic Carnival submission form complete with screenshots in this post: Submission form.

Or join the Google group to be made aware of call for submissions and when new Carnivals are up and where they are up.

The Catholic Carnival FAQ.

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