Monday 23 April 2007

Saints Meme

The assigned task is to list my four favorite saints, two favorite blesseds, and one person I think should have been a saint. Here goes.

1. Four Favorite Saints
St. Josemaria Escriva
St. Joseph
St. Patrick of Ireland
St. Bridget

2. Two Favorite Blessed

Bl. Damien the Leper (Damien of Molokai)
Bl. Pope John XXIII

One person I think should have been a saint. (How do you take this question, is it someone I wish was a saint but isnt and never will be named one, or someone I think should be a saint and is just not named one by the church yet.)
My wife for putting up with me?
My Grandmother?


Stephen Biko of South Africa?
Alfred Delph
Thomas Merton?
Henri Nouwen?

This is a very hard one to answer depending on how you read it.

I tend to personally go through phases with Saints, for the longest time it was St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori, then I went through a phase with St. Sebastin because he has the coolest iconography. And the statue of Saint Gaudens has always haunted me and I am not even sure which saint Gaundentis it is suppose to be or even if it is. Yet Mary and the Rosary devotion are always very high on my list, and others saints come and go depending on where I am at in life. I find with having become a father less than a year ago I now often ask St. Joseph to pray to help me become a better father and husband.

I tag Jim at Real Life Rosary, and the Men over at Thursday Night Gumbo and the collective Catholic-Dads.
(For a list of current Blesseds click here.)

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