Friday 20 April 2007

Most Visited Catholic Websites

I found this list a while ago and saved it. I had hopped to visit all the sites and write a bit about them but time keeps getting away from me. This is is supposedly the most visited Catholic Sites on the web. This list was compiled and taken from the second site on the list New Adevent.

1. The Holy See
2. New Advent
4. Catholic Exchange
6. ACI Digital
8. Catholic Online
9. Spirit Daily
10. Zenit News Agency
12. Centro Católico de Evangelización
13. Catholic Answers
14. (Mexico)
15. Catholic Community Forum
16. Opus Dei
17. American Catholic
18. Amy Welborn's Open Book
19. Christus Rex
20. Conférence des évêques de France
21. Catholic World News
22. Jimmy Akin
23. The Catholic Company
24. Catholic Culture
25. Catholic Singles

Enjoy your browsing.