Sunday 4 March 2007

Some Of This Weeks Readings

I am currently working on 4 different books that I am really enjoying. Each has much to offer.

swimming with scapulars
Matthew Lickona
Loyola Press
ISBN 9780829424713

his is a very interesting book. In part Matthew is only a few years younger than me, and it is interesting to see the difference between our Catholic Upbringing in different countries and homes that took the faith very differently. Part biography, part spiritual journey, I am really looking forward to where this book is going. Matthew also has a website and blog worth checking out:

Rosary Meditations For Real Life

James M. Hahn
Real Life Rosary

I have been reading James' blog for while and recently received his books and am pursuing them with great interest. Both his blog and his books are worth the visit. I have been corresponding with him a bit and can state that he is a devote man of faith who shares what he gleams from life in his writings.

Young and Catholic:
The Face of Tomorrow's Church
Tim Drake
Sophia Institute Press

Tim Drake is an author, writer and speaker knowing across the continent as a specialist in things catholic. Tim has some great Listmania list on on different area's of Catholicism. His blog and website has not been updated in a while but we can always hope they becomes active again. If you contact him he will respond. Mr. Drake's book is written in an easily accessible prose and raised some very interesting point's.

The Best American Catholic Short Stories

Ed. Daniel McVeigh & Patricia Schnapp
Sheed & Ward
ISBN 9781580512107

Here is a great collection, some authors I was familiar with and some not. It spans almost 70 years of Catholic short stories and for the most part is in chronological order. This is a great book to get some idea's for further readings in Catholic fiction. Like Andrew M. Greeley's Sacred Visions, did for Catholic Science Fiction of Fantasy this book will introduce you to a whole generation of Catholic authors and give you a good sampling of their works. I am already planning on tracking down more from the authors I had not encountered and broadening my spectrum of reading.

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