Saturday 10 March 2007

Booked by 3 March Meme Weeding

Booked by 3: March Weeding From Shelly's Book Shelf It's a painful practice most of the time, but with a finite amount of space, sometimes, books must be weeded from the collection. 1. Do you weed regularly? If so, how often? If not, why not? Yes I weed, but not on a set schedule, I weed for a few reasons, when my bookcases are filled and I have stacks on the front of each shelf, then I weed. Sometimes I weed because we are in need of money. My first major weed in years was when I got engaged and we were combining households. 2. Do you have guidelines you stick with? Sort of. If I have bought a book more than once, I usually do not see it again. If I have acquired the e-book of the same title it is fair game. If it is a core schoolbook or great resource I usually wont sell it (but have made exceptions for financial reasons.) If it is on my all-time favorite list and I own a reading copy and a lending copy. I usually wont sell it. If I started it, got part way in and have not gone back to it in 2 years and know I will never get around to finishing it then I sell it. (Once upon a time If I bought a book I felt I had to read it no matter how bad it was. I now am far more choosy in what I spend my time reading. 3. Are there books you would never weed? Jacob the Baker - Noah ben Shea (the Trilogy) My last Bible The Way, The Furrow, The Forge - Josemaria Escriva Any Sven Lindqvist (Hard to find in English) R.S. Thomas Collected Poems Rainer Maria Rilke I infact did a major weed yesterday, in part to free up space in my dend for my wife to have a desk and crafting station. The top picture is my den today and the bottom one is back in 2005 weeks ago. The Middle picture is back iis a few weeks ago. As usual, you may answer in the comments or on your own blog and leave a comment with a link here.

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