Tuesday 17 October 2006

ISBN - ISBN 10 - ISBN 13

ISBN – ISBN 10 – ISBN 13

This is just a quick reminder that the International Standard Book Number, or ISBN is in the process of changing from a 10 digit number to a 13 digit number. So if your looking for a copy of an older book you might have trouble tracking it down once it has been reprinted. And it is not just as easy as adding a 3 digit preface.

Most publishers have now gone to either the straight 13, or both 10 and 13 on the books. But any new books printed after January 1st 2006 will now have only 13 digit as the issuing agencies will no longer issue 10 digit ISBNs.

Here is a link to a tool that will convert the ISBNs for you, that will help you convert then from 10/13 for you so that you can find the books you are looking for.

Also just a side note there has yet to be a standardization for how to use the 13 you will find a lot of variations: ISBN13, ISBN 13 ISBN-13 or even just plain ISBN.

Good luck and happy hunting for books and many hours of enjoyment in reading them.

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