Saturday 21 October 2006

Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5

Battlestar Galactica
Season 2.5
Ronald D. Moore
Universal Studios
ISBN 1417078723

This new Battlestar Galactica 2.5 DVD boxset release is full of special features and bonus material to attract all viewers. The split season format is great. It airs as half seasons on Sci-Fi and they release it to match its airing schedule and system. There are so many special features, you could spend more time watching them then the actual episodes.

One of the greatest bonuses to the set is the much anticipated and greatly debated extended version of the episode ‘Pegasus’ this special version is over an hour and a half long it was not aired in this format due to time constraints. It views like a feature movie. It has amazing special effects and amazing cinematography.

Other features include deleted scenes, which are broken down by episodes, include the producer's podcasts that aired on the Sci-Fi channel's website during the original airings, and the producer's video Logs and much much more. The deletes scenes are broken down episode by episode.

The bonus material, if not ignored, will help viewers better understand the choices made in preparing the episodes and the season for release.

This half of season 2 has many unique twits and turns in the plots and lives of the characters. We are also introduced to new human cylon models. As to the content itself, in this half of season 2 the central character is Sharon,with her actions developed alongside those of (spoiler alert!) those of a few different Cylon version of her. Byond Sharon’s development on Batlestar Galactica and Battlestar Pegasus, which is presented as strongly intertwined with the fate of the whole human race, a great deal of the season deals with relationships – Professional and otherwise – and especially friendships. Striking interactions occur between President Roslyn and Commander Adama; in the complicated relationship between Starbuck and Apollo; with Sharon and, well just about everybody.

In the broader scheme of things, by this point in the series the complexities of guiding a free population while trying to avoid the Cylon army has taken it’s toll on both military and civilian leaders of this rag-tag group of humans trying to find a new home on a lost planet called Earth.

The excellent character development in this half of the season can be attributed to very strong scriptwriting. The cliffhanger ending leaves you mouth watering and you desperately awaiting season 3 – which hopefully, after snagging this DVD set, you can finally get caught up in watching. The Sci-Fi channel has to date released 4 of 10 web episodes that have story line development between season's 2 and 3. Season 3 begins airing in the US and Canada on October 7th for the first time the episodes will air in both countries at the same time. We here in Canada will not have to wait days, weeks or months for the US show to finally come to Canada.

BSG is often called the best Sci-fi on television and Newsweek has gone so far as to call it the best drama on TV. With such high praise and the series consistently receiving great reviews – not to mention the special features and additions offered in the 2.5 DVD - how could this DVD box set not be worth every penny?

So Say we all.

(First Pulished in Imprint 2006-10-20 as 'Galactica's second half sizzles: Recently released DVD set offers rewarding bonus features'.)

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