Saturday 9 September 2006

Rosary Books

Reflections on the Mysteries of the Rosary
Mark G. Boyer
Liturgical Press
ISBN 0814630154

This is a great little book about the Rosary, and how to pray it. Having just been recently published, it provides some fresh insight and new Meditations for each of the twenty mysteries. This little book will be a valued addition to your collection of prayer books and books used for meditation.

Holy Rosary
St. Josemaria Escriva
ISBN 1889334928

Though there are many editions of St. Josemaria Escriva’s meditations to accompany the rosary prayers, this edition is updated and has meditations for all 20 mysteries - the mysteries of light drawn from the saint’s writings on the passages. It also has beautiful woodcuts of each station that can be used for visual focus while meditation upon these scenes from the bible.

Mysteries of Light:
Meditations of the Mysteries of the Rosary
Pope John Paul II
Pauline Press
ISBN: 0953854043

This is a great little tool to help you pray and meditate upon the rosary. With Classic art prints from Helen Protopapadakis – Papaconstantinou. This book, from a man who was deeply devoted to Mary, and to the power of praying the rosary, wrote these heartfelt meditations that will help draw you closer to Jesus through reflection upon these biblical passages.

The Rosary
Liz Kelly
Loyola Press
ISBN 082942024X

This is a book I have loaned to a number of non-catholic friends to help them understand the Rosary and how it is used to deepen your faith. Everyone I have lent it to has come away with fresh insight and clearer vision. Kelly does an excellent job of showing the history of the rosary, and its purpose in our lives. Her chapters are:
  1. What is the Rosary
  2. The Rosary Then and Now
  3. Mary in Our Lives
  4. A Part into Prayer
  5. The Rosary as Meditation
  6. We Joyfully Adore: The Joyful Mysteries
  7. Hold the Lamp: The Luminous Mysteries
  8. Sorrow in the Mix: The Sorrowful Mysteries
  9. The Promise of Glory: The Glorious Mysteries
  10. A Place to Grow: Variations on the Rosary
This book is a great tool in your spiritual toolbox.

The Rosary
Gary Wills
Viking Press
ISBN 0670034495

Wills writes a great book that is good for both Catholics and non-Catholics. He writes in an enjoyable and engaging style and has a nice chapter going into depth on each of the 20 mysteries. I have loaned it to a few close friends, one from an Anglican Background and one Mennonite. Both enjoyed the book and found it very useful. A book cannot not receive more praise than that.

Pray The Rosary
Books 1-9
Martha Ortega
Word-Rosary Intercessors, Inc.

This is a great little series of booklets that I have been using for years. This collection is a series of scriptural rosarys’ with readings for each mystery and a verse between each 2 Hail Mary’s to Meditate upon. The books in the series are:
  1. Taste and see how good the Lord is.
  2. Worship the Lord.
  3. I will lay my burdens down.
  4. Be made whole.
  5. Seek His kingdom.
  6. There is Freedom.
  7. In His Presence.
  8. The Blessings will come.
  9. The luminous mysteries.
They are each $1.75 USD and can only be ordered by calling or a form in the back of them. The contact information is:
Word-Rosary Intercessors, Inc.
1330 Helmen Drive
South Bend, IN 46615
They are more than worth the money you will pay for them.


Dorella said...

I am looking for Mountain Moving Rosary Book. Mine is worn out. I love this book and used it every day. Please help me if you can?

Anonymous said...

Praise God I finally find out how to obtain Mountain Moving Rosary Book. I have been desperate looking for the first edition and my current one is worn out completely.
Please bless me with the book my address is 4 Barrie Road, Amby, Harare. And give me your bank details.

Christina Chima

Q said...

How can one order the mountain moving rosary book? Searching all over for this

Franka said...

Hello could enlighten me please, is each mountain moving rosary book is for different situation in your life.

Franka said...

Hello could enlighten me please, is each mountain moving rosary book is for different situation in your life.