Monday 12 June 2006

Hoot by; Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen
Various Editions Available

This is a story about a boy, Roy, who has just moved to Florida. His first day at school he gets called ‘Tex’ and the nickname sticks and the harassment begins. Yet life is never as simple as being the new kid in school, trying to hang low and trying to just get by.

He meets many interesting characters in Florida:
Dana Matherson - The School Bully
Mullet Fingers – A Kid who lives in the forest
Beatrice Leep – Captain of the Soccer Team,
And Mullet’s Stepsister
But Mullet is on a mission. He is trying to save burrowing owls from being wiped out by the Mother Paula’s Pancake House, which is supposed to be building a new restaurant.

Mullet uses guerilla tactics: alligators in the port-a-potties, snakes all over the job site, and many, many more. Roy tries to go a different route: checking out building out permits, getting classmates to come and speak and raise their voice at the groundbreaking.

Can a few young kids save an endangered bird? Will Mullet, Roy and Beatrice succeed? Pick up the book and read it. There is also a movie coming out this summer that should be a hit with children and adults alike.


Anonymous said...

A great book and a fantastic layout to the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o :o :o :o :o

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm from germany and love this book, too. All books from Carl Hiaasen are very good. I know every book he has written that's published in german. They are all great!

Anonymous said...

hey i just read this book with a bunch of kinds in my book club that i just started and all the kids loved the book they all admitted that the love this book!! you are a fantastic writer!!

Anonymous said...

hey i got to admit this is a really good book it wus so good that i i finished the book in a day