Friday 23 June 2006

Rugby Books

Think Rugby: A Guide to Purposeful Team Play
Jim Greenwood
A & C Black Press
ISBN: 0713668024

Think Rugby is am amazing book for any coach, player or even fan of rugby. It will help you develop as a player or coach. This is a resource no team should be without. One of its primary focuses is to help you learn to think and play as a team, from the coach down to the reserves. Definitely a must read for any Rugby Enthusiast.

Rugby for Real: The Common Sense Training Manual
Chris Sheryn
A & C Black Press
ISBN: 0713668962

This is a book to help you on the field and off the field. It will give you training programs for the season and the off season; Weights, Cardio, wind sprints and much much more. This book is clear, informative, encouraging and challenging. This is a resource no rugby player should be without.

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