Friday 26 May 2006

A Wolf Story by: James Byron Huggins

A Wolf Story
James Byron Huggins
Harvest House Publishers
ISBN 1565071263

Huggins is one of those authors I discovered by chance a few years ago. I have read most of the books he has written, my favorites are Reckoning and A Wolf Story. Both are worth your time and effort.

A Wolf Story is an allegory in the style of Narnia or Lord of the Rings. In part it is a coming of age story, and part the story of good vs. evil. Long long ago, the inhabitants of the deep deep woods were given a choice. A choice that each of them in turn must make for themselves. Those who were about to make the choice would always face trials, temptations and fears. This difficult choice was either to follow the Silver Wolf and his lord, the Lightmaker or else they would join the dark Council and become part of the forces for evil.

The choice has become all the more difficult for the forces of light have been decimated, and the Dark Council is at he door of eternal victory. It is the story of a young wolf, who must choose and has been left alone to make that choice.

In this epic final battle between good and evil, the questions becomes is it really a battle of strength vs. strength, wits against wits, wills against wills. It is a path to the future but will that be a future in darkness and oppression or a path to peace, a peace won through sacrifice and pain. A peace hard won. Tis story is an allegory of the Christian life, told in a way that will captivate readers both young and old.

James Byron Huggins was born in 1959. He is a novelist, journalist, religious activist, and police officer; all these titles appear on his resume. A graduate of Morgan County High School, and Troy State University, Huggins began his career as a journalist with the Hartselle Enquirer. In the late 80’s he smuggled Christian materials into Romania. He was a beat cop for 5 years before returning to writing fulltime. His first three novels Reckoning, A Wolf Story, Leviathan were Christian best sellers. Then he broke into the main stream science fiction with such books as Cain, Hunter, Rora, Nightbringer, The Scam, Sorcerer. Both Cain and Hunter have been optioned to be movies and are suppose to star Stallone and Willis respectively.

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