Friday 30 September 2005

Capt Hook by: J.V. Hart

Capt. Hook
J.V. Hart
Harper Collins - Browse Inside
ISBN 0060002204
August 2005

This first effort by J.V. Hart is an excellent story. Like the movie Hook, or Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry this story takes characters that we know from the original Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie and casts them in a new light. In this wonderfully inventive novel we are told the story of a young man trying to make his way in the world. Even if the world is against him. Our Hero or Anti Hero depending on how you read it, is a bastard son of an English Lord, His father is the Queen man has made a way for him to attend Eaton Collage. There he becomes a hero James Matthew Bastard, or King Jas to the Oppidan’s, the underclassman.

There is love for a Sultana, a mutiny on the high sea’s and a boy who becomes a hero to freed slaves and his crewmen alike. Thus is born the hero Capt. Hook. Along the way our hero discovers many gems of wisdom that all of us could apply in our lives, such as “Courage is the decision to fly straight into the flame while knowing the consequences.” And “Knowledge is Power.” And my favorite “someday our foes may win, but not today!”

The story leave’s you wanting more. One can only hope that there will be more stories by this author and with these characters. All in all this book is a jolly good romp that any youth, teen or adult will enjoy. Many will find themselves cheering for someone they know will one day be a villain, but not today.

The Captain Hook Book!

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