Friday 1 January 1999

List of Books Read 1999

Books Read 1999

Bible - New Revised Standard Bible
Judaism - Rabbi J. Epstein
The Final Planet - Andrew M. Greeley
Cain - James Byron Huggins
Rerun - Michael Crighton
Catholicism at the dawn of the 3rd Millenium - Thomas P. Rausch
Judaism - A Hertzberg
Reconciliation - Leo Gafrey
Dead Man Walking - Sister Helen Prejen
Edge of Eternity - Randy Alcorn
The Jesuit Mystique - Douglas Letson & Michael W. Higgins
Tuck Everlasting - Natalie Babbitt
Figgs & Phantoms - Ellen Raskin
The Wind in the Willows - Kenneth Grahame
A Prisioner's Confession - Rev. C. Wilmont Kay
A Wizard of EarthSea - Ursula K. Leguin
Alice's Adventure in Wonderland - Lewis Carrol
Peter Pann - J.M. Barrie
Charlote's Web - EB White
Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling
Fairy Tales - Brothers Grimm (Academic Edition)
Through The Looking Glass - Lewis Carrol
Lion, Witch, Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis
The Always Prayer Shawl - Sheldon Obernab
The Devil Said Ouch! - Natalie Babitt
The Tomorrow City - Monica Hughes
The Isis Pedler - Monica Hughes
The Devil's Other Story Book - Natalie Babitt
Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery
The Tombs of Atuan - Ursula K. Leguin
Ode to imortality - William Wordsworth
The Furthest Shore - Ursula K. Leguin
Tehanu: The Last Book of Earthsea - Ursula K. Leguin
The Rule of Names - Ursula K. Leguin
Dragonfly - Ursula K. Leguin
The Sword in the Stone - T.H. White
The Nigger of the Narcissus - Joseph Conrad
Sadko - Russian Folk Tale
Christian Character - Carolyn Nystrom
Selected Poems - Rainer Maria Rilke
Old Peter's Russian Tales - Arthur Ransom
Anne of Avonlea - L.M. Montgomery
Meeting God in Quiet - Ruth Goring
Apollyon - Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim Lehaye
Assassins - Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim Lehaye
Meeting God in Change - Stephen D. Eyr
The Owl Service - Alan Garner
The Ear, The Eye & The Arm - Nancy Farmer
Dragon - Steven Brust
The Singer - Calvin Miller
The Song - Calvin Miller
The Finale - Calvin Miller
Anam Cara - John O'Donohue
Meeting God in Relationships - Ruth Goring
Julie's Wolf Pack - Jean Craighead George
Love -Phyllis J. LePeau
A Tarnished Phoenix - James Melville
Alexisi Holy Man of God - Russian Tale
Knowing God: Our Wise Counselor - Phyllis Bennett
Meeting God in Waiting - Juanita Ryan
When the Almond Tree Blossoms - David Aikman
Knowing God: Our Loving Father - Jack Kuhatschek
The Biblical Concept of Shalom - Douglas J. Harriss
A Phule and His Money - Robert Asprin
Meeting God in Busyness - Jaunita Ryan
Peace (Shalom) In the Old Testament - Claus Westeimann
War & Peace in the Hebrew Bible - Paul D. Hanson
War in the Old Testament - Waldermar Janzen
Yahweh: A Warrior God? - Dianne Bergant
The Kingdom Coming - John Howard Yoder
Knowing God: Our Powerful Helper - Marshall Shelly

I started keeping track of the books I finished reading in October of 1995, and movies watched in January of 1996. I have lists for:
All Books Read by Year
Favorite Books By Year
All Movies and TV Series Watched by Year
Favorite Movies and TV Series by Year

I also do a Top Ten List of books each quarter and for the year. They can be found here. I was also asked to pick a Top Ten Catholic Books I have read, you can find that list here (and occasionally I add a note when I come across something exceptional.)

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