Friday 13 March 2020

Epic Saints - Shaun McAfee - Wild, Wonderful, and Weird Stories of God's Heroes

Epic Saints 
Wild, Wonderful, and Weird Stories of God's Heroes
Shaun McAfee 
TAN Books
ISBN 9781505115123

I love books like this one. I love reading about saints and am currently reading books from 4 different series about saints. But what a book like this does is introduce me to a few new saints, it gives me some more information and examples from saints that I am more familiar with. This was an EPIC READ that I could hardly put down. It is mostly eBook about specific saints and But there is also a lot of great information about the process of saint making, and the canon and calendar of saints. But the volume is not just the work of Shaun McAfee there are several contributors. Those contributors are:

Alex R. Hey
Sarah Spittler
Jessica Mcafee
Theresa Zoe Williams
Brooke Gregory
Deacon Marty Mcindoe
Shaun Mcafee
Laura Hensley
Mike Panlilio
Maggie Van Sciver

The essays interspersed through the biographies are:

Have Saints Always Been Canonized The Same Way?
What Is The General Roman Calendar?
Can These Stories Be Allegorical?
Are We Really Expected To Believe These Stories?
Why Are Some Saints Not On The Calendar?
What Is The Process For Canonization?
What Should We Do With Saint Narratives That Contain Errors Or Inconsistencies?
Why Are Some Canonized Quickly While Others Have Been In The Process For Centuries?
Can I Become A Saint?

And on top of that are profiles of 74 saints. Shaun and the other contributors do an amazing job or highlighting so many saints in such a short space. There are almost a dozen saints I need to go find further readings on. And my son is already looking forward to my rereading this book with him. 

In this volume there are a few tales about dragons. Saints pulling practical jokes and pranks. A bilocating death and many, many more. Stories of saints, of Martyrs and holy men and women. 

Though I will be honest with you, the pieces in this volume are so well written you might have a hard time picking a favorite. And you will definitely want to read more on at least some of the saints. An excellent read, that I highly recommend. 

Note: This book is part of a series of reviews: 2020 Catholic Reading Plan!

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Epic Saints: Wild, Wonderful, and Weird Stories of God's Heroes 

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St.Hildegard said...

Do you like to read picture books about unknown saints? If yes, try St. Rosaline, the Carthusian: The Saint With The Shining Eyes by my husband Mark Vincent :)
As far as I know, it's the only book out there about St. Rosaline.

Love your blog!Started sharing some posts on my Facebook page.

Steven R. McEvoy said...

Thanks will take a look at it.