Saturday 24 October 2015

To Be A Father - Stephen Gabriel - 200 Promises That Will Transform Your, Your Marriage and Your Family

To Be A Father
200 Promises That Will Transform Your, Your Marriage and Your Family
Stephen Gabriel
Spence Publishing
ISBN 9781890626662

Somehow this books slipped through the cracks. It ended up in a pile with prayer cards, prayers books and little Catholic spiritual pamphlets a few years back. I do not even actually remembering getting the book. But a few weeks back I came across it while cleaning up my book shelves. And I can only state that it is an amazing little volume. The sections in the book are:

Promises to My Wife
Our Romance
Our Family

Promises to My Children
On Religion
On Discipline
On Family Living

Promises to Myself
My Spiritual life
My Family Life
My Friends and Community

Books like this have been around for years, and one of the most popular for a long time was Life's Little Instruction Book by H. Jackson Brown but what makes this volume so amazing is the clearly Christian focus, and the humility in some of the promises. My only real regret is that there is not an ebook version available so I could always have a copy with me to read 1 or 2 a day as reminders.

Examples of some of the promises are:
#15 "I will try and listen attentively even when I don't really feel like it."

#42 "I will choose to forgo some of my interests, allowing more time for you and our family."

#85 "I will try to explain why I say no."

#113 "I will teach you that in many matters you must be different."

#172 "I will pray for the virtues; wisdom, fortitude, patience."

This was a wonderful little book. I have read through it three times now. And know it will be a companion for yours to come.

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