Monday 13 July 2015

The Warden-Watch - A.R. Horvath - Book 1 The Annals of Myrtle and the Blood King

The Warden-Watch
Book 1 The Annals of Myrtle and the Blood King
A.R. Horvath
Athanatos Publishing Group
ISBN 9781936830732
eISBN 9781936830749 

I have read a few books by Anthony, A.R. Horvath over the last 8 years. I have always been impressed with his writings, but there is something about this one that really grabbed me as a reader and kept me glued to the pages. Also I am looking forward to sharing this book with my children when they get a little older.

This story may seem like a strange mash-up, it had Big Foot, Dracula, a young boy who gets caught in a great adventure, angels, demons, and the legacy of Jesus Christ. Casey is a young boy out exploring his back yard when he sees a shadow that does not make sense, using a bit of cunning, and a few ticks he has collected in his bag he ends up catching hold of a Big Foot, only to be whisked away into their realm. But even there things are not always as they appear.

This story is tightly written. Casey is an interesting young hero and his Great Great Great … Aunt Myrtle has a story most would not believe. The pace was great and it ends with a killer cliff hanger ending.

I do not know how many books Horvath has planned for this series but I can only hope it is a few because this one was a great read!

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