Thursday 17 April 2014

Pope John XXIII: The Good Pope - Wyatt North

Pope John XXIII
The Good Pope
Wyatt North
ISBN 9781622782000

This book was an awesome little read. A short quick sweet introduction to the man and his short service as pope. Pope John XXIII soon to be canonized has always appealed to me. I was not alive during Pope John XXII's term as pope. But I always felt drawn to him. Many today compare Pope Francis to John the XXIII and after reading this book I can see why.

Much of the background and younger years I was unaware of. I was familiar with his election and the calling of Vatican Council II. The book gives a great overview of his whole life.

The chapters are:
An Introduction
The Young Priest
Leaving Italy
Electing a New Pope
The New Pope
The Second Vatican Council
Other Bold Steps
Additional Measures
Pope John's Message
Pope John and the Liturgy
Pope John and Women
Pope John and the Jews
The Rosary

Once I started reading the book I did not want to put it down. Fortunately it is a short introduction into Pope John XXIII's life. It was a great little read and has inspired me to dig deeper in to John XXIII's life before his canonization later this spring.


Ebeth said...

Good morning, Stephen...I read this book too. Short read, indeed!! I couldn't put it down either and then wanted more

thanks for sharing!!

Ebeth said...

Good morning, Stephen. I read this book too. Short read indeed! I couldn't put it down either and when I did, I wanted more!

Thanks for sharing!