Sunday 21 August 2011

The Very Itchy Bear - Nick Bland

The Very Itchy Bear
Nick Bland
ISBN 9781443104951

Nick Bland's books have been favorites in our home for a few years now, from the fun and funny A Monster Wrote Me a Letter to the hilarious The Wrong Book, and the very charming I Lost My Kisses. But our first introduction to Bland's work was the wonderful, The Very Cranky Bear. So when a new book came out called The Very Itchy Bear we had to have it and read it. My son loved it the first time I read it to him. He had to hear it about a dozen times in a row, then he went and found The Very Cranky Bear so we could read them alternately about another 7 or 8 times. Bland's books are all amazing and this one is great fun.

Books by Nick Bland:
A Monster Wrote Me a Letter (2005)
Aussie Jingle Bells (2006)
I Lost My Kisses (2007)
Donald Loves Drumming (2008)
The Very Cranky Bear (2008)
When Henry Caught Imaginitis (2008)
The Wrong Book (2009)
The Very Itchy Bear (2010)
Twinkle HB (2010)
The Runaway Hug (2011)

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